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Working Together to Achieve Your Goals

Lee Fothergill joined the division of Mathematics and Information Technology at Mount Saint Mary College in 2002, following ten years of classroom teaching experience at the adolescence level. Professor Fothergill utilizes technology, hands-on experiments, projects, small group learning to develop a conceptual understanding in courses such as Calculus, Statistics, and History of Mathematics. His research interests include mathematics education with respect to teacher preparation. Moreover, he has an interest in the connection between the undergraduate mathematics curriculum and the K-12 curriculum to prepare future teachers for the challenges in the classroom.

Recent research I join a team that included Cathy Collins and Jean-Betrand Uwilingiyiman of Habitat for Humanity in Newburgh, NY to help with research related to a project that was initiated by the Governor Cuomo. The goal of this project is to have State and Local governments more accountable when allocating resources. This led me to also working with Deputy Secretary of Public Safety of New York State, Elizabeth Glazer, Orange County Commissioner of Social Services, David Jolly, and Newburgh Crime Analysis, Andrea Vey. My role on this team was to analyze data that I had to research myself and then gave recommendations based on the research. Governor Cuomo proposed the Community, Opportunity, Reinvestment (CORe) initiative to better align State support with Local needs.

Professor Fothergill was part of the Binghamton University’s Teacher Leader Quality Partnership (TLQP) project through the New York State Department of Education. The goal of this project was to strengthen mathematical understanding of New York’s eighth-grade students through teachers’ professional development addressing New York State mathematics standards. The TLQP project focused on improving teachers’ (and ultimately students’) concepts tested on the New York State eighth-grade mathematics assessment. Professor Fothergill worked with middle school teachers to strengthen their foundation of mathematical concepts. Once a month, he led professional development workshops to address Newburgh City School District’s needs. During workshops, participants address pedagogical and curricular issues.

Professor Fothergill has become an advocate for service learning in mathematics at Mount Saint Mary College. He has facilitated activities with local school districts to create opportunities where students can volunteer their time and at the same time learn the skills needed to be a future teacher. These experiences give students the opportunity to hone both their teaching and mathematics skills. One service learning activity that he has established is the Bishop Dunn Math Club. Students teach non-traditional math lessons to grade 6-8 Bishop Dunn Middle School students. He was also one of the organizers when the education and mathematics department at MSMC sponsored a family math night at a local Newburgh elementary school. The MSMC future teachers who participated in this community event found this experience to be both rewarding and valuable to the students and parents who participated.

Professor Fothergill has installed Mount Saint Mary College as a chapter of the mathematics honor society, Kappa Mu Epsilon. KME was founded in 1931 to promote the interest of mathematics among undergraduate students. The honor society had their installation and first initiation ceremony on March 29, 2007. He is also their current advisor.

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